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Miles for myles

Held by The Cavaggion Family
Workout to Conquer Cancer 2024
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Miles for Myles
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. CAC Industrial Equipment Ltd
  2. Brenda Cavaggion
  3. Lorenzo Cavaggion
  4. Maria and Italo Cavaggion
  5. Wan Family Foundation Match
  6. Wayne Matkoski
  7. Tracy
  8. Erin Healey
  9. Bruce M Arthurs
  10. Eleanor Howe
  11. Michelle and Rick Fedrigo
  12. Stella and Ed
  13. Joshua Fedrigo
  14. Madeline Cavaggion


This May, the Cavaggion family is joining team Miles for Myles for our fourth year of the Workout to Conquer Cancer!

Our beloved nephew and cousin Myles passed away on June 1, 2022, at the age of 15, just 15 months after he was diagnosed with Diffuse Infiltrating Gastric cancer. We loved him so very much, and so to honour him, and support all the other BC Cancer patients and their families, we will be getting active every day for the month of May.

This is what each of us is committing to do:

Brenda: Yoga, hiking, weight training and hiking Jocelyn Hill (a 12km hike) at the end of May

Lorenzo: Minimum 10,000 steps a day

Madeline: Barre, Yoga, hiking, and weight lifting every week with the goal of hiking Jocelyn Hill (a 12km hike) at the end of May

Josh: Mountain biking, hiking, walking and hiking Jocelyn Hill at the end of May.

Nick: Training everyday by mountain biking and weight lifting to prepare for a highly challenging eight hour enduro mountain bike ride at the end of May.

Team Miles for Myles is raising funds this year for one of the BC Cancer Foundation's key priorities, pediatric cancer research led by Dr. Poul Sorensen and his colleagues at BC Cancer.

Dr. Sorensen's lab is currently focused on two urgent priorities within childhood cancer research:

  1. Targeting high-risk pediatric cancers with new immunotherapy approaches.
  2. Understanding and targeting stress adaptive pathways in high-risk pediatric cancers, and how these pathways lead to aggressive metastatic disease.

What is very exciting about both these research streams is that they could lead to available treatment for pediatric cancer patients in as little as one to one and half years! This is significant because up until now children have had very little access to immunotherapy and have had no treatment for aggressive metastatic disease.

So, as we get ready to sweat our way through May, please show your support by donating today in honour of Myles and for the kids and adults you know and love who have battled or are currently in Cancer treatment. Every dollar counts, and a minimum of $10's receives a tax receipt.

Thank you so much for your support!

Much love, The Cavaggions

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