Ready to make an impact?

This May, let’s move 30 minutes per day and fundraise to support the BC Cancer Foundation.   

Here’s how to get started, plus everything you need to know about participating in this year’s Workout to Conquer Cancer.

Step 1: Register

1. Select your registration type:

  • Create a team (learn how to start a team below)

  • Join an existing team 

  • Join as a solo participant

2. Select a payment option:

  • Pay a $30 registration fee per registrant, with no fundraising minimum

  • Waive the registration fee, by committing to fundraise a minimum of $100 before June 1

    Note: Registration fees are not eligible for a tax receipt. 100% of your registration fee covers event administration, so that 100% of the funds you raise support BC Cancer patients across the province.

If you have already registered as an individual participant and would like to create or join a team instead, email us at

Step 2: Get Moving

Move every day in May for at least 30 minutes, no matter where you are.  

We encourage you to:

Step 3: Fundraise

Let’s get "fun-raising"!

One helpful way to fundraise is through social media. Share your story and fundraising link, and celebrate your successes, online!

How to Start a Team

This is a terrific opportunity for companies, fitness centres or community members (including your friends and family!) to get involved.  

Form a corporate or community team today.

  1. Assign a team captain. This individual will be the first team member to register, by selecting the option to create a team at the start of registration.

  2. The team captain will create a profile and complete the subsequent steps for registration, including setting a team name and goal. 

  3. Share your team's fundraiser page with others. Be sure to personalize this page — it's a great space to connect with your supporters, by adding customized images and messaging about your team and reason for participating.

Note: If you'd like to have more than one team captain, let us know at after you've created your team and we'd be happy to help.

  • Encourage team building and connection  

  • Promote health & well-being in the community 

  • For corporate teams, raise visibility in the community 

  • Social media engagement 

  • Make a difference in the lives of those facing cancer 

  • Easy-to-use, branded fundraising page for your team to help achieve your fundraising goals 

  • Movement Minutes tracker to log your activity and hold yourself accountable, demonstrating how much this cause means to you

  • Easy exercise tips and movement inspiration to get the most out of your workouts

  • Affiliation with BC Cancer Foundation and a community that is fuelling cancer care innovation

Have additional questions about starting a team? Email us at

Interested in a corporate sponsorship? Email Clodagh O’Higgins at

Need to Take a Break During the Month?

A Rest Day Pass gives you a day off from the challenge while still contributing to your fundraising goal!

Simply select the $30 Rest Day Pass option when you make a donation to your own page (or ask someone else to purchase it for you!), and enjoy a day off while still making a difference.

  1. Search for your fundraising page 

  2. Click the 'Donate' button 

  3. Select the Rest Day Pass option on the donation form

  1. Search for their fundraising page 

  2. Click the 'Donate' button 

  3. Select the Rest Day Pass option on the donation form