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Held by Friends of Myles
Workout to Conquer Cancer 2024
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Miles for Myles
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  1. Leslie Farrar
  2. Lisa Mingo
  3. Winston Szeto
  4. Wan Family Foundation Match
  5. Benton family
  6. Eugenio Pirri
  7. Mike and Frankie Hester
  8. Chisholm family
  9. Karen Choi
  10. The Hester Family
  11. Amy Dunbar
  12. Roberts Family
  13. Matt Babiuk
  14. Chow family
  15. Ian Eggleton
  16. Siobhan Nixon
  17. Wendy Benton
  18. Siu Yan Yang
  19. Sharon Selby
  20. Susan E Eggleton
  21. Sonya Hufton
  22. The Mast family
  23. Heather Carter
  24. Dylan Ritchie
  25. Ziba Bozorgzadeh
  26. Kristi Yorke
  27. Diana Steele
  28. Gatland
  29. Beverley Babey
  30. Orval Wright
  31. William Ng
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  33. Elham Sadoughi-Yazdi
  34. Roxana Aminzadeh
  35. Lisa Leeson
  36. Elizabeth L Fockler


This May, we are again participating in the Workout to Conquer Cancer to get moving and support BC Cancer patients in honour of our hero Myles Lindsay! Myles was a dear friend of our boys. He was diagnosed in March 2021 with Diffuse Infiltrating Gastric Carcinoma and passed away on June 1, 2022, at the tender age of 15. He is very loved and very missed.

Myles handled his illness with such strength. We are in awe of how he faced his unfair circumstances, with resilience and good humour, never complaining.

It means so much to us to be able to honour Myles by raising funds for oncology research and treatments. We all know someone touched by cancer. All we need to do is get moving!

So, during the month of May, here is what each of us is committing to do:

The Mingo Ritchie family:

  • Lisa & Mark - 350,000 steps, plus 4 weight training workouts per week & 1 cold plunge (yikes!) per weekend in May
  • Dylan - 1 cold plunge per weekend in May, 5 gym workouts a week, running 2 days per week.

The Thompson family:

  • Heather 45 minutes of cardio 5x/week plus 3 F45 strength workouts per week & 1 cold plunges in May
  • Jim run every day plus 3 weight training sessions a week
  • Ilya run every day in May plus 1 cold plunge per weekend

The Hester family:

  • Tammy 20 minute outdoor walk, rain or shine every day and on Wednesdays Zumba in lieu of the walk
  • Brian 100 push ups every day and 1 cold plunge every weekend

The Mast family:

  • Cindy 3 days a week at Pilates
  • Jack 3 gym workouts a week

The Dunbar family:

  • Amy walk every day in May
  • Liam 6 gym workouts a week

The Whittall Babiuk family:

  • Kim will walk/run or hike for 120 km plus 8 pilates work outs
  • Matt will play basketball 6 days a week and go to the gym 3 days a week

The Nicholson family:

  • Adrienne will tak 15 minutes each day to stretch and reflect

  • Mateo is going to do 60+ pushups each day.

The Nowtash family:

  • Babak; 4 gym workouts a week and one cold plunge.
  • Antonia : 4 X 60 minutes cardio workout a week plus a cold plunge.

Here are a few other things happening in May in support of Myles:

  • On May 4, Rockridge Secondary School is hosting the 3rd Annual Buckets for Myles Basketball Tourney. Everyone is welcome to come and cheer the players on. 11:30-2pm, 5350 Headland Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7W 3H2.

Team Miles for Myles is raising funds this year for pediatric cancer research led by Dr. Poul Sorensen and his colleagues at BC Cancer. Dr. Sorensen's lab is currently focused on two urgent priorities:

  1. Targeting high-risk pediatric cancers with new immunotherapy approaches.
  2. Understanding and targeting stress adaptive pathways in high-risk pediatric cancers, and how these pathways lead to aggressive metastatic disease.

What is very exciting about both these research streams is that they could lead to available treatment for pediatric cancer patients in as little as one to two years! This is significant because up until now children have had very little access to immunotherapy and have had no treatment for aggressive metastatic disease.

The goal for this year's Miles for Myles fundraiser is to raise $179,219! This will bring the four-year total to $600,000. Team Miles for Myles has had amazing support over the past three years (thank you to everyone who has donated previously), and we want to continue making a difference in this fight against cancer. Myles would expect us not to give up.

So, as we get ready to sweat our way through May, please show your support by donating today in honour of Myles and everyone else who has been impacted by cancer in one way or another. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.

Every dollar counts.

Thank you so much for your support!

Friends of Myles

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