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Held by Lynne Nakashima
Workout to Conquer Cancer 2024
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Active Ingredients!
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  1. Lynne Nakashima
  2. Mom
  3. Jason Lawson
  4. Anonymous
  5. John Wiernikowski
  6. Hilary Horlock
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  8. Steve Patti Amy
  9. Susan Walisser
  10. Michelle Koberinski
  11. Mapi Fleury
  12. Maxwell Murray


This May, I will be moving every single day to raise funds for life-saving research and care at BC Cancer.

BC Cancer Provincial Pharmacy staff first joined this challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to stay connected with teammates who were now working remotely. We've continued participating since then to connect with each other, stay healthy and to help raise funds for BC Cancer.

Thanks to Kim for being our team captain and cheering us on throughout the month!

If you can donate, it would be very much appreciated, but even if not, please follow our journey on social media! #ActiveIngredients

Best of luck to our team and to all the participating teams during this challenge and thank you for your support!


Movement Minutes


minutes tracked

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