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Held by Alexandra Olsen
Workout to Conquer Cancer 2024
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  1. Mike Annette Johnson
  2. Alex Olsen
  3. Sara Marcine
  4. Mom and Dad
  5. Rowan
  6. Marion Brown
  7. Tanis Fisher
  8. Christine Walden
  9. Lydia Salgo
  10. Michael Benzinger


This year, I will be completing the BC Cancer Foundation Workout to Conquer Cancer Challenge with my co-workers. This challenge requires you to commit to 30 minutes of movement every day, for the entire month of May.

As usual, my inspiration for undertaking this challenge, fundraising and raising awareness of the cancer journey is because of my father and his battle with cancer. I feel incredibly fortunate that I have the ability to dedicate a month of my life to this challenge.

Much of the advacements in cancer care come from donors. Donor funds are what enable translation research, enhance supportive care, and reduce barries for rural and remote patients facing cancer.

If able, I would appreciate a donation. In Lieu of donations, I would encourage you to donate blood or sign up to become a stem cell donor.

Fun Fact #1: 75% of all donors recipients get their stem cells from unrelated donors. To sign up to become a donor you must be between the ages of 18 and 35. You can Order the kit to your front door step. Here is the link:

Fun Fact #2: Donating blood takes less than 30 minutes & you get yummy treats. Here is the link:

For every donation I receive over 10$ I will commit to matching by running a 10KM.

Thank You,

Alex Olsen

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