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BC Cancer - Victoria Clinical Trials and Clinical Research

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The Clincal Trials and Clinical Research Unit at BC Cancer - Victoria supports four types of research:clinical trials, clinical research studies, real world evidence studies, and biobanking studies. The clinical research unit is a multi-disciplinary team that is staffed with oncologists, nurses, study coordinators, research interns, clerical support, as well as one pharmacist and pharmacy technician. We all work together with one common goal in mind, to implement new and innovative research at BC Cancer - Victoria.

Randomized Clinical Trials, are the gold standard for advancing treatment options in healthcare . In oncology, clinical trials focus on assessing treatment efficacy (how well the treatment works), treatment safety (how safe is it), as well as impact on a patients quality of life. These trials look at potential novel treatment options, different treatment intervals, when to give these treatments or a combination of these. Our drug trials include immunotherapy, targeted agents, chemotherapy and we also conduct trials with radiation therapy treatments. Many recent advances in radiation treatment at BC Cancer have started out as research ideas or studies here at this cancer centre. We conduct trials in prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, gynecological cancer, melanoma, brain cancer, colorectal cancer as well as hematological cancers which includes lymphomas and leukemia's.

The goal of our bio banking program is to gain a better understanding of the response to treatment, as well as understanding how treatment resistance happens. Typically, genetic analysis is done to look at changes in DNA or RNA over time.

Lastly, our real-world evidence program focuses on the benefits and risks of medical products or procedures. We have successfully completed one real world evidence study where we conducted an observational study examining the effects of treatment on people who had a specific type of carcinoma.

This May, we will be coming together as a team to complete the BC Cancer Foundation Workout To Conquer Cancer Challenge. As a group we will complete activities such as stretch o'clock and lunch walks to achieve this goal.

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