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Hi All,

This year, I will be completing the BC Cancer Foundation Workout to Conquer Cancer Challenge with my co-workers. This challenge requires you to commit to 30 minutes of movement every day, for the entire month of May.

It has been over five years now since my dad had his stem cell transplant, and just recently he was declared cancer free. Since my dad has recovered from his illness, we have been completing various different challenges together. Together, we have completed the following challenges:

5 km 30 Obstacle Spartan Race in Calgary Alberta - 2019
CrAlex Our own Half Marathon (21.1 Km) 2020
4x4x48 Challenge run four miles every four hours for 48 hours. (77 Km) 2021
Victoria Marathon (42.195 km) 2022
Stay Tuned for 2023 ...

Every time we complete one of these challenges, I am incredible inspired by the perseverance and dedication that my dad has to undertake these challenges. During these challenges, he always says that he is motivated by thinking about all of the individuals he has known whom have lost their battles to cancer.

Much of the advancements in cancer care come from donors. Donors funds are what enable translational research, enhance cancer care, and reduce barriers for individuals from rural and remote areas of Canada. If able, I would appreciate a donation. If you're unable to donate, I would encourage you to sign up to donate blood or register to become a stem cell donor.

Fun Fact #1: 75% of all donors recipients get their stem cells from unrelated donors. To sign up to become a donor you must be between the ages of 18 and 35. You can Order the kit to your front door step. Here is the link:

Fun Fact #2: Donating blood takes less than 30 minutes & you get yummy treats. Here is the link:

For every donation I receive during this fundraiser, I will commit to running a 5 Km during the movement challenge.

Alex Olsen



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