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This May I'm participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer to get moving and support BC Cancer patients! I'm joining people across the province and beyond to move, no matter where we are, every single day of the month.

One in two British Columbians are impacted by cancer. I have also been touched personally by cancer, through the lives of loved ones near and dear. I am also especially grateful for the compassionate and professional medical services and care of the BC Cancer Agency --- an agency that I've gotten to know and visit with on more than one occasion in recent years. Therefore, I'd like to commit to move and raise funds for patients, survivors and the researchers pushing life-saving innovation forward.This challenge is more than exercise, it's about joining a community who know that together we can go beyond limits to make an impact for those we love and have loved.

So, as I get ready to sweat my way through May, would you consider showing your support by making a donation today?

Thank you for reading and considering!

(The photo above is a picture of me, my mother, and my grandmother taken only a couple years before we lost my grandmother to a courageous battle with cancer. A day does not go by where I wish I had more time with her --- to have gotten to know her, to learn from her, and to love her. I am confident that the good work that the BC Cancer Foundation is doing will enable more and more grandchildren in the future to grow up with more time with their grandmothers, grandfathers, and other loved ones. )



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