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Katie's Working out to conquer cancer

Held by Katie Kwan
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Fundraiser Donors

  1. Pearl Kwan
  2. Cindy Hallett
  3. Elaine Kwan
  4. Katie Kwan
  5. Elsie Danny Isabel Jordan
  6. Big Uncle and Aunty
  7. Rainbow and Rick
  8. William and Burnett
  9. Barb Tinker
  10. Anonymous
  11. Helen G
  12. Greg Mitchell
  13. Mike
  14. Brian Southin
  15. Matthew S Kuzminski
  16. William Hui
  17. Cece Chen
  18. Joanne Hepplewhite
  19. Houser Family
  20. Zac
  21. Carla
  22. Pedro de Paola Dalcin
  23. Carson Whitlock
  24. April Jane Jung
  25. Christopher Dellinger
  26. Anonymous
  27. Penny Baker
  28. Eric


The images above could be a before and after. At least with my hair!

In 2022, I was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. After Chemotherapy and Radiation, I'm currently in recovery and am in remission.

BC Cancer has been so supportive and did their best by me. Now it's my time to give back.

I am also honouring a close friend who lost her battle during the pandemic. Miss you so much K!

I'm going to move my butt everyday in May to raise funds to conquer cancer. I'm doing this to aid in my recovery as well as for those who may have a similar journey in front of them.

I am open to challenges for donations (within reason of course), just comment below and I'll do what I can. See what's already been thrown my way!!

Thank you in advance of any donations made, and thank you for your support!




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