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I'm on a mission to kick cancer's @$$. please help me do it!

Held by Allayne McGowan
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This May I'm participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer to get moving and support BC Cancer patients! I'm joining others across the province and beyond to move, no matter where we are, every single day of the month.

Currently in British Columbia, 77,000 people are receiving cancer treatment, and I never thought that one of those people would be my favourite person; my Dad. It's impossible to put into words just how much my Dad means to me, so I also can't describe what it feels like knowing that there is nothing I can do that will make the cancer in his body go away.

BUT, there is something that I CAN do: I can make sure that there are resources to ensure that all of the incredible oncologists, doctors, scientists, specialists, nurses, students, etc. out there who work day and night in cancer research can continue to research, develop, and administer the treatments that are destroying cancer and saving my Daddy's life!

My Dad used to call me his "big strong girl" when I was little. While at the time it meant I would flex my arms to show off my muscles and get a good chuckle out of my Dad, I've since learned that being a "big strong girl" meant something much greater - it meant to be brave; be bold; be loving; be kind, but also kick ass and take names. Being a "big strong girl" has made me into the woman that I am today; capable of accomplishing anything when I don't let things stand in my way.

So, in honour of my Dad, I'm going to be his little, "big strong girl" for him again and this time show off my muscles to make a difference for him; for all the current fighters and the ones to come; for the brave survivors; and for the warriors that we've lost to this awful disease. Not today, cancer. Not today, not tomorrow, not any day going forward if I have anything to say about it.

As I get ready to sweat my way through May, I would be eternally grateful for your donation. I've set a hefty goal, but I'm confident I can make it with your help! LET'S DO THIS!



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