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Duncan Allen LAW - Workout to conquer Cancer Page

Held by Laura Allen
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Duncan Allen LAW
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As many of you know, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer just after Christmas. I have been down in Victoria for March and will be for a bit in April for treatment. Treatment has been daily radiation, weekly chemotherapy and four sessions of brachytherapy. It has been intense, but manageable. Shortly after I was diagnosed, I began researching things that were within my control to help treatment be successful and less unpleasant. The one thing that kept coming up again and again in the research was exercise. By exercising throughout treatment patients were found to have better outcomes and fewer nasty side effects. At that time, I made the commitment to exercise 30 minutes each day that I was physically able. So far I have been able to meet that commitment most days, except for the few that I have been in hospital or on my back. I have been doing quite well with side effects and credit the exercise. I had wanted to do a fundraiser for the BC Cancer Foundation and when I came across this one it was perfect.

The BC Cancer Foundation has created technologies and techniques that have directly impacted my specific treatment. More is being done as we speak, which will make radiation better for people in the future, including reducing the short and long-term side effects and making it so that people who have cancer in delicate areas (like the brain) can still get radiation. All right here in BC! They also provide funding for patient services like counselling, nutrition and pain and symptom management.

When I was diagnosed I was shocked to discover that one in two British Columbians are impacted by cancer. That's why I've committed to move and raise funds for patients, survivors and those we've lost. This challenge is more than exercise, it's about joining a community who know that together we can make an impact for those we love and have loved.

So, as I get ready to sweat my way through May, please show your support by making a donation today.

Thank you!


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