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This May I am participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer.

MY MOTIVATION: Our mom and Grammy lost her battle with cancer over a year ago and it still feels like yesterday. She was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in February and passed away in October. I think I'm still in shock and it's hard to know what to do to make this massive loss easier. Movement and being outdoors has always been therapeutic to me. I've chosen to do workout every day in May to honor my mom and also to support other families dealing with this awful disease. My mom was 65 and still had many years of loving and living ahead of her. Cancer broke our hearts and took her way too soon.

Remember movement can be a variety of things: walking, biking, hiking, PE class, yoga etc. Eleanor and Greyson are motivated to walk to and from school everyday!

So, as we get ready to sweat our way through May, please show your support by making a donation today.

Thank you!

Michelle & famliy


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