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This May I'm participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer for a second time! :)

Cancer has affected both my family and friends in a variety of life-altering ways. Most recently, my dad was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. This came as a huge blow to our family, as he had recovered from cancer (colon) once before in 2000. We spent the better part of the pandemic supporting my dad as he went through surgery and multiple rounds of radiation.

I am so happy to announce that since then, my dad has recovered from his cancer and his PSA levels remain low and consistent. He couldn't have recovered without the work and research of organizations such as BC Cancer Foundation.

One in two British Columbians are impacted by cancer. That's why I've committed to move and raise funds for patients, survivors and those we've lost. This challenge is more than exercise, it's about joining a community who know that together we can make an impact for those we love and have loved.

So, as I get ready to sweat my way through May, please show your support by making a donation today.

Thank you! :)



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