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Shannon's Kickin' Cancer's Butt Fundraiser

Held by Shannon Donaghy
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  3. Bruce & Christine Giffin
  4. J. Donaghy
  5. Rosemary & Jeff
  6. Kevin Donaghy
  7. Mrs. Debra 'Debra Haas' Bryan Haas
  8. Linda Hilliard
  9. Connor Hilliard
  10. Koda the Malamute
  11. Kathryn landrigan
  12. Dixon Mitchell Match Donation
  13. Nadine Kathleen


Hello Family & Friends,

I am back for 3rd year of Workout To Conquer Cancer, in 2022, supporting the BC Cancer Foundation for the fight against Cancer!

Last year brought new meaning to my fundraising as I unfortunately lost two family members to this deadly disease, increasing my drive to stand up for a cause I believe in! I am fighting for research development, for increased supports to individuals and their families in the fight, and for solutions to this painful reality so many will face within BC.

I am committed to engaging in at least 30 Minutes of Movement/Workout each day in May while fundraising to my new goal, of $1500! I will be accepting challenges and can be held accountable through my Facebook Page Posts, and Instagram posts! This includes everything from hiking, running, workout routines such as high intensity interval training, and other forms of movement. You can search me on social media platforms with the information below to follow along.
Facebook Page: "Shannon's Kickin' Cancer's Butt Fundraiser"
Instagram: smdonaghy07

Cancer has impacted and will impact the lives of so many, and its the least I can do to raise awareness, support the fight, and do my part. Please donate today to help end the fight against Cancer.

Thank you,

Shannon Donaghy


Offline donation page for printing: Click here to download