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  1. Jamie Draper
  2. Cary
  3. Ms. Elizabeth Docherty
  4. Mr. Jeremy Hodges
  5. Chris Dwyer


It's almost May, and for those of you that know me well you'll know that for the last few years I've comitted to "Moving in May" in support of my beloved sister Ashley raising money to help find a cure for brain cancer. Lots of you have previously joined in this fantastic cause that is dear to my heart, you moved with me, you donated, and you posted vids of yourself getting involved, and for this I'm forever grateful. This is the second May without Ashley and I'm more comitted than ever to "Moving" as a way to remember and honour her fighting spirit. Please join my team, move with me, take vids and post them on insta, tag me and the @bccancerfoundation @workoutbc and use #workoutbc . Thanking you all in advance for your amazing support. The link to my team is in my profile, please join, get involved and please share. Ashley's gift to all of us was to try and make us healthier by getting us to move in support of her.


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