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Rachel - R Squared

Held by Rachel Rosenhek
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  1. Sheryl Rosenhek
  2. Ms. Rachel Rosenhek
  3. The "B" Team!
  4. Deena Wohl Devereaux
  5. Kelly Stewart
  6. Saba & Catherine
  7. Chris & Nicole Morris
  8. Yasmine Shemesh
  9. Yosi and Angela Shemesh
  10. Robyn M
  11. Alisa Kline
  12. Anonymous
  13. Gayle Morris
  14. Anonymous
  15. Mrs. Lorraine Dowty
  16. Ms. Marcelle Albi
  17. Andrea Sorokin


This May I'm participating in Workout to Conquer Cancer to get moving and support BC Cancer patients!

I've commited myself to moving every single day, no matter what for those who can't.

The BC Cancer Foundation is a cause close to my heart as my dad, Randy, was diagnosed with cancer in June 2019. He battled hard and maintained a positive attitude throughout his fight. Sadly the cancer took over in different forms and his battled ended in September 2021.

He was the strongest person I know, going through countless surgeries, infusions, appointments for over 2 years. Even having spinal cord surgery didn't stop him from finding a way to get up and continue on with life living everyday to the fullest. He was always so active his whole life running marathons, playing golf - so this fundraiser is the perfect way to honour him and continue his legacy.

No one should ever have to face pain from cancer the way he did - so please consider donating to this amazing cause - together we can make a difference.

Thank you!


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