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Pink Flamingos

Team Captain: Paige Ternoway
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I was once told that everyone has a guardian angel and that you just have to ask it to show itself.
First you choose something you don't see everyday, like a feather, monkey or... FLAMINGO!

At first months passed and I started to doubt that this story was true.. and I can't recall the first time it happened, but over the years I have been comforted by seeing a Flamingo during the hardest moments of my life, in places you would not expect to see a Flamingo!

Cancer has taken those close to me, that I am sure are now my Flamingos!
- Paige, Team Pink Flamingos

p.s. if you know me you know this is the shortest possible version of this story and if I told it in person it would go on and on and I would be excited to tell you all the crazy moments that I randomly saw flamingos when I needed them the most!